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Functional Skills – English & Maths

Functional Skills are embedded in all our learning pathways.

Entry 1

Entry Level 1 is a fantastic way to start off with the basics in Maths and English. You will learn money, shape, space, speaking, listening and reading.

Entry 2

Entry Level 2 will help you expand on the knowledge you gained while studying Entry Level 1. You will expand on writing skills, listening and communication. You will also go on to study time, shape and space.

Entry 3

Entry Level 3 will help you learn about dimensions, measuring, data and numbers. You will also learn about how to gather information for a purpose and writing to communicate.

Level 1

Level 1 maths and English will expand your confidence in the things you’ve learned during Entry Level 3. You will learn how to write constructive sentences and use speaking and listening effectively. You will also be able to use time, shape, space and be able to solve basic math problems.

Level 2

Level 2 will allow you to start learning about probability, fractions and percentages. You will also expand your knowledge of vocabulary, spelling, reading and writing.

What Do You Have To Lose?

Our Functional Skills courses won’t cost you anything and could help you to get a new job, that promotion at work, or just make you more confident with everyday tasks like helping your kids with their homework or completing an application form. We will support you every step of the way.

It’s Never Too Late!

It is never too late to improve your Functional Skills. English and Maths confidence can be achieved in just a few weeks. Our classes are designed for you, so whether it’s your spelling letting you down, or you’re all in a muddle over long division, our tutors are experienced in teaching adult education and can work with you on what you need help with. Work at your own pace, at a speed you feel comfortable with.

Better Skills To Benefit You

These courses are government funded so there is absolutely no cost involved to either you as an employer or to an individual. This is not just available for people who speak English as a second language; anyone who could benefit from English & Maths skills is eligible.

Our Figures


Since March 2017 to present we’ve delivered over 2300 English and Maths qualifications.


Overall achievement rate

Functional Skills are essential elements of English, Maths and IT that individuals need to enable them to engage successfully and progress to further learning or employment. Functional Skills English, Maths and IT help learners reinforce skills in communication, problem solving, listening, time management and team working.

Where We Deliver


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