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Invest In Your Workforce

The Apprenticeship Levy came into effect on 5th April 2017, and it has totally transformed the way that apprenticeships in England are funded. The apprenticeship levy requires all employers operating in the UK with a pay bill of over £3 million each year to make an investment towards apprenticeships. If you are an employer, in any sector with a pay bill of more than £3 million each year you will be charged a levy at a rate of 0.5% of your annual pay bill. You will pay the apprenticeship levy through the PAYE process and will be able to use the funds you contribute for apprenticeships within your organisation.

How Will The Levy Affect My Business?

Paybill Less Than £3 Million

If your annual paybill is less than £3 million you do not pay the levy and you won’t need to use the digital apprenticeship service to pay for apprenticeship training and assessment until at least 2018. The way apprenticeships are funded will however change for you, and from April 2017 you will be required to make a contribution to the cost of apprenticeships. Organisations with a paybill of less than £3 million pounds will be required to contribute 10% of the cost of the programme with the government paying the remaining 90%, up to the maximum amount of government funding available for the specific apprenticeship.

Paybill of £3 Million Or More

If you are an employer with an annual paybill of more than £3 million, you will start to pay the levy in May 2017. Once you have declared the levy to HMRC, you will make monthly payments through the PAYE system, the government will top this up with a 10% contribution. You will be able to access funding for apprenticeships through a new digital apprenticeship service account.

The Digital Apprenticeship Service

All levy paying employers will need to register for the Digital Apprenticeship Service. The Digital Apprenticeship Service will be the place for employers to go in order to manage their levy pot, accounts will be credited each month with the apprenticeship levy contribution plus the 10% government top up. You will also be able to use the service to find out what apprenticeship provision is available and the providers with whom it is available. The levy funds held in your account will expire 24 months after they have been deposited.

4 Steps To Get Your Business Levy Ready

“Don’t look at the levy as an expense, it’s an investment.”

Step 1 – Register

If you qualify and need to pay into the Levy, the first thing your business needs to do is register with the government’s Apprenticeship Service, the online service that allows you to choose and pay for apprenticeship training. The Apprenticeship Service allows employers to manage their apprenticeships and their Levy funds, as well as control payments to their chosen apprenticeship provider.

Step 2 – Identify Levy Funds

The next step for making your business ‘Levy ready’ is to calculate what you will need to pay towards the Levy and how much funding you will receive.Your Apprenticeship Levy payments can be calculated as 0.5% of all your payroll over £3 million per year. The government adds 10% to your monthly contributions and the total is paid into your Apprenticeship Service account to pay for apprenticeship training and assessment. You can use the Levy calculator above to work this out.

Step 3 – Choose Training Programs

Once you have confirmed your Levy funds, the next step is to decide how you will spend them. Think about what you want to achieve in your business; as with other training decisions, prioritisation and careful planning is important. You should consider which skills gaps exist in your business.

You should also consider whether you will use your funds to upskill your current staff, hire in new recruits or a combination of the two: almost anyone can do an apprenticeship, so they can be used flexibly to meet the needs of your business.

Step 4 – Engage With Us

The final step is to choose your training provider. Our personal and bespoke service offers a unique insight into the benefits of undertaking training and developing new and existing staff. Our dedicated sales team of consultants will endeavour to succeed to identify and support any training needs, as well as filling any vacancies where training can be attached. Employers and learners choose to work with us as our service is built on honesty, transparency and dedication to achieve results for our employers and learners.

Select JB Skills Training as your chosen training provider or register us using our UKPRN No: 10045776